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Yesterday, remember we talked about the LAUNDERER washing and rewashing the clothes(YOU), in the process/stage of the rewashing😟 whereby you ought to have passed that level of washing all over and over.

You're wasting away your time, all the process of rewashing, you should have gotten to the stage whereby the sunlight will make you dry, so you can be taken away off the rope to another stage of folding🌝

As humans, we can't pray away these stages, we can't pray away seasons.

God will make you go through seasons for you to grow, you grow through what you go through✌️

If whatsoever thing withholding the rope isn't strong, there's a tendency that the rope can cut and the cloth will fall off😟

When you don't have a solid foundation (JESUS), you can't stand the test of time (challenges) so it is for a rope that's been tied to a pole that has a poor foundation, when storm rage, it'll take it off it stands and whatever that's been spread on it will definitely fall off.

Build yourself on a solid foundation so that when the storm will rage, when challenges will come, when situations turn sour, you can still firmly stand and it'll not take you away.

One more thing that can as well take clothes off the rope is "if the cloth is weightier than rope/pole or let me say if the pole can't withstand the weight of the cloth☺️......this can affect the rope and it'll fall off and yunno what will happen to the clothes😕

If the weight of what you carry is higher than the stage/class you are in, it'll affect you and take you off your stand. There's a need to balance it✌️

Take things gently, take your growth gently but make sure you grow and not remain stagnant✌️

You can't jump God's class of growth but if you refuse to grow you can stay in a class for several years but believe me that you can't jump a class.

So don't try to show yourself mightier whereas your rope isn't strong yet to carry that weight of what you're trying to become🤔

You don't go teaching where God wants you to learn🌝

Don't go and be a teacher where God wants you to be a student🌝

Don't go and be proving yourself that you're full of knowledge whereas you no know shingbain.

Balance your rope with your clothes, no do oversabi, oversabi will take your clothes off the rope✌️

As you grow, don't accommodate to yourself things that can take you off the rope.

Don't be deceived, don't listen to just any sermons, teachings, songs, and others, if your rope/pole isn't strong enough to withhold, separate, or discern them you'll be taken away o. So don't be tossed to and fro. Stay where He kept you.

Do not allow anything whatsoever to take you off where God has placed you.

Do not go beyond your capacity so it'll not cut the rope🌝

Build yourself on the Jesus Christ the solid foundation so that when the storm rage, you will not be taken off your stand✌️

No foundation without Jesus Christ all other foundations are sinking sand☺️

The devil can roar as much he wants (that guy no dey tire)😂

The unfavorable circumstances of life can show up, God already told us in His word, but you are sure to overcome only if you build your foundation on the solid foundation(Jesus).1 Cor. 3:11.

However, Your ability to walk in The Reality of The Foundation is dependent on your relationship with The Word and how much of God's word you allow into your life. There's no life outside God's word.

We'll proceed to the sunlight, season, packing, folding, and showing forth the clothes tomorrow🥳

Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande
Pen of a Ready Writer