My sister did some laundry, she has spread the clothes on the line🧐 and gbiiimm, all the clothes had a physical meeting with mother earth😂 and you know what that means🙆‍♀️😭, She has to wash them all over again🥹

She was now passing aggression on me, though I understand the feeling of a futile effort😂🌝, I also received some sense not to have any clash with her😎. With that scenario, Holy Spirit made me understand that most people are like those clothes that dropped on the ground wasting the efforts of the launderer.  Most people are wasting God's efforts on them.

God washed you clean, spent time with you, and gave you everything to make you look good and separate but alas you rub yourself in the dirt all over again and make him go through the process of rewashing you. For how long will He keep washing and rewashing you? You should have grown past that level of washing and rewashing😟

Choose to stay and don't go back again, stop wasting His efforts on you, it is for your own good.

Choose to grow and don't remain in a position. I can't imagine the sadness He'll feel when you go back again, still, His mercies are infinite, He'll pick you up from that dirt again and give you a thorough washing🥺, please stop wasting His efforts🥺, choose to stay, you ought to have graduated to another class🥺, you should make progression and not retrogression or stagnancy. Growth must be daily✌️

Let's see it another way🤔

Do you know some things can take away clothes off the line and rub it in the dirt🤔, things like wind, breeze, the weakness of a rope and whatsoever that's upholding it, sometimes if the clothes that have been spread is mightier than whatsoever upholding it, it might take away the cloth of the rope🌝

Lerrus talk about the wind🌬️. You see this wind ehnnn it is capable of taking off clothes from the rope, some winds are so stubborn that they'll even take off clothes and the clip😂. Let's see the wind as a storm🌝

There are some situations that'll take you off where God has placed you and take you back to where He took you from🥺.

Those situations are like the wind, they'll blow you off the rope and you'll meet yourself going back to where you've renounced🥺

When the storm rage, when the whirlwind comes, when life comes with challenges, when situations are sour, when life seems bad and unpromising, when it even seems like the laundryman (God) who washed the clothes (you) has left you on the rope (in challenges)

Please do not go back to the dirt, do not allow any situations to take you back to the dirt, do not go back to where the laundryman picked you the clothes from, and do not go and mingle with the dirty clothes again🥺

Stay focused, the wind will be still. Do you also know that when we forget about the laundryman and focus on the wind/storm, it can take us away from the rope where God has kept us🥺

This happened to me this week🥺

Please, no matter what life may bring, do not allow it to take you off where God has placed you. Fight the storm, face it, and remain focused on God for He cares for us🥺

The situation around me wanted to take me off the rope (where God spread me)

I forgot about the laundryman who washed me and kept me there, I focused on the wind, He felt bad that in no time I forgot about Him who kept me on the rope.

I hurt Him by forgetting His promises in my challenges🥺… I want you to know that when we don't see God or have consolation in His words, He feels bad and hurts and that can take us off the rope and it'll deprive us of the good things God has in store for us.

The noisy challenges(noise) can also block your ears from hearing His consoling voice🥺.

Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande
Pen of a Ready Writer

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