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Da fortune (wedding day)
Da fortune (Holy Spirit)
Da fortune (Success)
Ellwood (cross back)
Naira bills by JOE
Obi by JOE ft Blue C
Sheba by JOE
piccaso by JOE
Holy Messenger by JOE ft Yj killa
Igbo by JOE
Kpakolopedia by JOE
Magana jari ce(STD) by JOE
My Padi by JOE
Causing commotion by JOE ft B.I
Dem Danno by JOE ft Emorymes
Flashy Lights by JOE
Gimme Some More by JOE
Hold On by JOE ft BOC,Steve Sings
Angels In Disguise by JOE
Hello by Splendour
Eledumare by Elitroph
Gloria (You are reality)
Blue c (oh na na)
Da fortunate (am in the spirit)
Da fortunate [God's Voice] Lord you reign
If no be you Ft El Joe