The story of my life should have ended terribly but the mercy of God sort my life out.i had a terrific past, I lived a rough life,I smoke,I go clubing, I stole and above all I killed,both through abortion and the Jossy my then boss sent me to do. I was long lost but Jesus Christ found me and gave me a new life.
   I thought that was all. This was several years later at that time I was married with the most gentle and loving husband I could ever ask for, I had a child Gideon. I thought that was all untill my past came gushing out to my face.
Suddenly Jossy my former boss remembered me and tried all means to see me back to my old lifestyle which I could not concur to. I mean I left this life and I am not going back to it. At some point he started sending other gang members after me, is either they kill me or bring me alive. Fear set in, I began to have a second thought on going back to him because I know of a brutal person he can be. I was finally kidnapped and he has prepared all manner of punishment just in case I refuse his bidden.
  I figured out he only need me for my talent, oh I forget to tell you I sing and I act as well, God has blessed me with an amazing voice. Back to my story he was working on a movie project and he needed someone with this talent and the only person that came to his mind is me. He gave me the script and told me to get down to business. But then I remember the words of my mentor " Do not forget your God like the children of Israel, remember your God always go back to him". Then I became bold, because I knew I can no longer dine with the devil again. I began to pray in my mind that "Lord let there be confusion in the camp of my enemy and oh I love this God because he came through for me. There was a serious fight amidst them and I was able to escape.
Jesus Christ saved me, he delivered me from the hand of the so call mighty. I heard from the police that the fight led to shooting which some of them died and some where arrested which Jossy was part of the arrested.
I visited him in the prison and preached Jesus to him, because only him can save and he accepted after several attempt I was happy for him.

           THE END 
                                                    Dara's Pen🖊️