DAY 13

The WOMAN with the POT of OIL 

The woman with the pot of oil was a wife of one of the sons of the prophet, who feared the lord but died indebted, how can this be?

She (his wife) was left to pay the debt at the mercy of their children been taking away by the creditors, but she knows the right place to go to, she seek the face of the Lord through prophet Elisha. Dear woman, where/ to whom do you run to in the time of challenges and difficulty? 

Elisha asked what she wanted him to do and requested what has she and she answered that she only have a "pot/jar of oil". She has a substance to transact with God. There will only be increase on what you have and what you can give.

The prophet told her to borrow pots and borrow not a few, she obeyed and when that was done she went back to give Elisha feedback. When God gives you instructions, be wise to do them and then go back to him for feedback He will give you more instructions on the next step to take. 

Do not be wise in your own eyes and lean not on your own understanding, acknowledge God in every of your step and endeavor that it may be orders by Him. Let God be the author and finisher, allow him as Alpha and omega. The obedience to an instruction gives room for the fulfilment of the purpose of the instructions.

Elisha told her what to do with the pots but didn't tell her what to do with the oil; going back to the prophet for feedback of the first instruction changed her life when she was instructed on what to do with the oil. Her problem got total solution, she was told to " sell the oil, pay her debt and live the rest with her children".

Just what if she didn't give the prophet feedback, she might have gone to give her creditors oil and that may never solve her problems. What if she just enjoyed the oil with her children? God will always give solutions to your problems but always give Him feedbacks to receive more instructions, He will not leave you confused.

Dear woman, follow peace with all men... 
I can tell you that her good relationship with her neighbors caused them to borrow her their pots. Don't allow yourself limit what God wants to do through you and for you, build good relationship with people. Don't allow your character and conversation towards people limit what God wants to do in your life.

God was ready to increase her and bless her, but what if none of her neighbors borrowed her pot because of her bad character, attitude and lifestyle.

What if she gives false witness, she hates, she is hot tempered, she is a arrogant and proud to everyone around her?
It would have been hard for her to get the blessings God has planned for her.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of the WOMAN with the POT of OIL