DAY 11

The study of VASHTI (Esther 1)

Dear WOMAN, will you answer God's call when He calls on you to flaunt you before men, nations and kingdoms?

Will you say YES to God's calling when He would call for you to show His handwork through you to people?(Verse 12)

Whatsoever God wants to do through your life is to flaunt His glory. The king sent his messengers to go call on Vashti so he can show the people and princes her beauty, but Vashti refused to come.

Is God pleased with you because you have refused to show forth yourself when He called? The queen Vashti disappointed the king, everyone in the chamberlains and the whole kingdom.

Whenever God calls you to show you forth and you refuse, you didn’t disappoint God alone, but disappointed all the host of angels, the beings in the kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of earth.

The king requested she come and use what she has for the people but she didn’t, likewise you that God has bestowed gifts to already just for His people, are you not saying NO?

The king called on his wise men to enquire from them the judgment to give the woman who has dishonored Him. (vs 15), one of them answered in (vs 16), he responded to the king truly the queen hasn’t done wrong to the king alone but to everyone, whenever you disobey God, you are not doing wrong to Him alone but all His host. 

Dear WOMAN, what judgment would be passed to you? Vashti was dethroned from being the queen, she was sent away from the kingdom\palace.

Whenever you disobey God at His call, God wouldn’t want you to raise women in your likeness, God's expectations for us is to raise people in His likeness, so whenever the opposite of God's likeness wants to find expression, that was the reason He told us to be fruitful and multiply, we are to multiply people in God's likeness.

He will send you away. Have you not been replaced?

Everyone you see working in grace today, none of them stumbled into it, they at a time of their lives responded to God's call, and they were rewarded for it.

What will be your reward? 

The king told them to call on Vashti to showcase how much he has taken care of her, how much investment he has put in her but she refused.

God has invested so much in you that he wants the world to see, will you answer His call? Vashti has everything the king wants to use to flaunt her, yes you have what it times to show for God's glory but have you not been refusing to come show forth?

Vashti royal estate was declared to be given to another woman better than she, dear WOMAN, don’t think of yourself more highly than you should, there are a lot of people God can replace you with. A lot of people ready to be passed your baton to, Vashti lost it with the king, will you also lost it with God?

Respond to God's Call.......this doesn't mean you going into the ministry or a pastoral office. This is a call for you to always respond when the KING(God) calls to show you to men. Pick every of His calls, don't decline, don't miss God's call. The King called VASHTI but she didn't respond, she was replaced so she won't raise women in her likeness (disobeying king).

Don't be a WOMAN in the order of VASHTI, answer the KING whenever He calls. Answer God whenever He wants to show you to men, nations and kingdoms.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of VASHTI: The woman of Pride