DAY 22

The study of the TEN VIRGINS

The Bible said 5 were wise and 5 were foolish.

Their foolishness was tied to the fact that they didn't go with extra oil when they ought to go with it. Yes, they were virgins who have nothing to sustain their LAMP.

They went to buy OIL, and before their arrival, the bridegroom has arrived and it was late for the women to enter with the bridegroom.

A believer that was swayed into the world, they left and went to buy, they went into the market of life seeking for OIL when they can't find oil. They came back and was crying.

Dear WOMAN!!!

Work while it is day, the night come when no man shall work.

They didn't do the right thing while it is day and they were trying to achieve it while it is night when no man can work.

Do what you should do now, for the night comes when no man can work, the spiritual investment you need to make, do them now for the night comes when no man can work.

Do what you have to do by day, dear WOMAN, for the night cometh when no man can work. Change your ways, for the time shall come when you can't do it. Invest in yourself now, for those are the extra OIL that'll sustain you when it is night(the time you can't get OIL anymore)

Remember your creator in the days of thy youth. Do things while it is day(time). It'll get to a time while you can't get it again. Accept Jesus now when it is day.

What can be tagged to the OIL?

OIL in the lamp gives the fire longevity. As long as OIL is in the lamp, it'll keep burning but when the LAMP run out of OIL, the fire will be off!

Dear WOMAN, what will different you from other women? Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss, they were all called virgins but something differentiated them.
Do you have extra oil, the extra oil are things that'll give your lamp(marriage, relationship, and other things) longevity.

What are we liking the OIL to be? 

What will give you sustainability. The OIL is the consistent study and prayer life, also the spiritual investment that'll sustain you in the night, the time of adversity. 


Dear WOMAN, your virginity isn't enough, when the virginity is gone, what will keep your marriage? What's the extra oil that'll keep you standing? What's the extra OIL that'll be the strength for you in the days of adversity?

Be wise, dear WOMAN!!!, Please be wise, the investment you make on yourself now will give you sustainability at night when no man can work.

Have extra OIL now as a BRIDE, before the BRIDEGROOM arrives. Have extra OIL now before you go into marriage.

Bumping into marriage without knowing what will sustain it is foolishness!!!, Getting married without extra OIL is foolishness.

Before you get into marriage, make sure you get what gives marriage longevity.

Gather extra OIL now when it is day before you enter into it when no man can work.

The study of the TEN VIRGINS: Wisdom and Foolishness