DAY 25

The study of TABITHA (Acts 9)


One of the ways to enjoy preservation of life from God is to be active in the business God has placed in your hands.

TABITHA died and the testimonies about how she lived her life brought her back.

Peter was called and everyone was presenting the effect of TABITHA'S assignment in their lives. The reason she was back to life was because she stayed in her place of calling, there are lots of unfolded benefits when you stay and function in your place of calling/assignment.

There will come times you will be in need of help, the lives that you've influenced in one way or the other by staying in the place of your calling, will rise to help you, not everyone forgets.

TABITHA is a woman with impact. Make it intentional, raise each day with a mindset of impacting lives, for that is the most reasonable essence of a man's life.

Your impact in the lives of people goes a long way of sustaining your life. Your impact in the lives of people can buy you life.

Dear WOMAN, what is the reason for your existence? Are you just.... about you or you are intentionally staying in your place of assignment impacting lives?

People need to feel your impact, so when you are down, you won't be alone. People need to see light and hope through you, be intentional about your assignment and calling because when you're in darkness, you'll be shown light.

If good deed should become a thing that would buy you life, do you have any good deed in the recording bank?

The good testament of people about you can buy you LIFE, your food deeds would become what you'll transfer with, remember the law of sowing and reaping.

Let your life portray the FRUITS of the spirit.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of TABITHA: The woman of generosity