DAY 14


This WOMAN understood the law of honour; honouring a man of God.

Matt.10.41 He who receives and welcomes and accepts a prophet because he is a prophet shall receive a prophet 's reward... (AMP)

She invited in the man of God, took care of him and she got the reward of serving and caring for a man of God. She was sensitive to know 

By hosting and honouring a man of God she housed and hosted God in her house; she honoured God in his life and God too care of her life situation. 

Dear WOMAN, know that having care for a man of God or people of God is like directly offering to God(Mathew 25:40), the SHUNAMITE WOMAN did so and her good works towards the man of God opened the door for her to have a child she never had before.

She was able to achieve two things:
1. Blessings from God 
2. Relationship with the prophet which gave her undeniable access to him. She could walk up to him without being restricted when the child died.

She could walk back to the prophet because the child came through the word of the prophet(from GOD)

Likewise, you can only go back to God if He is the author of that project (career, marriage, business) or step you are taking concerning anything; if it anything happens along the line looking confusing you can go back to God for clarity.

If you've authored some steps yourself without acknowledging HIM as the AUTHOR, ye
s, you can give it to HIM. It's not too late.

Dear WOMAN, just like the SHUNAMITE WOMAN, there are a lot of graces and blessings you can access by the law of honour.

Dear WOMAN, be sensitive to know when God's PRESENCE is in a place, do not end up like the ONE who didn't know when God visited a place. 

Give your HOME to God like the SHUNAMITE WOMAN and see God add every of His realities to you. Let your HOME become a housing for GOD, seek first to host GOD in your HOME and see Him come with every other thing that shall be added to you.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The Cheerful Giver: The study of the SHUNAMITE WOMAN