Study of SARAH (Gen. 18 & 21)

Life can push you to a position whereby you stop believing what God is saying. Life might have told you several things against God's word, but whose word would you rather believe? Life might have pushed you to a position whereby you doubt the manifestation of certain prophecies, but believe the word of God. 

Life pushed Sarah to a position where she didn’t believe God even when she was told she will conceive a child. Irrespective of what life is saying, the world of God supersedes it. Doctor’s report might have told you certain things, but believe God's report.

If God says He will do it, believe me, He will make it happen you don’t need to know how, the word of God doesn’t and never fails. Chapter 21, what has God spoken to you which the time of life is making you doubt? Dear WOMAN, believe that God would make it happen in His own set time. God would break the protocols, laid down principles of man to make His word stands.

When Sarah didn’t believe the word of God in v 12, she laughed within herself, but when God made it happen in 21v6 she said God made her laugh so that all that her it will laugh with her. This kind of laughter isn’t that which you can keep to yourself, God will go against doctor’s report, laid down principles just to make you laugh, if you believe His word. 

Dear WOMAN, believe God, God will and can make it happen and cause you to laugh. Whatsoever the happenings in your life that is making you doubt the reality of His word coming to pass, believe God, He will make it happen. Is there anything too difficult for Him to do? If there is nothing difficult for God to do, then your case cannot be different. 

What happened to Abraham and Sarah was TIME! Time was against them but in God's time, the time against a man works together for good to them, because God makes everything beautiful in His time. Whatever affects time doesn’t affect God.

God’s time is when you grow into the capacity to have what He wants to give you what you request of Him. You want something from God at a particular time, but can you maintain that something? Are you matured enough? Have you grown enough that the provision of your request will not separate you and God? 

God's own time is when you learn what He wants you to learn because the lesson would sustain that which you are asking from God. A father cannot give his child a car to drive when he knows he can’t drive it, he would want him to grow and learn how to drive a car, until then the car will not be given to the child. The father’s time of presenting the car to the child is when the child has successfully learn how to drive the car.

It may take the child 10, 20, 30 years, so be it before the father will give him his car, but if it takes him a week, 2 months, a year to learn the driving, so be it. God also relate with us too same way, until you come into God's time, you might not get what you have been requesting from God.

Do not be the one delaying yourself; enter into God's time so you won’t be WASTING when you think you are WAITING. If you want God’s blessing, be ready for Him to bless you, don’t just wait, are you building capacity to receive that which is coming in Gods time?

God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you ask or think.... Irrespective of the situation (that doesn't affect God), but make sure you are building capacity in preparation of your request

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of SARAH: The woman of strength