The study of RUTH (Ruth 1-4)

RUTH took a step that literally changes her life. Naomi gave her the advice to the best of her interest "go back to her land, people and gods", but she choose to follow Naomi despite the fact that she has lost all. 

Dear WOMAN, you might have lost all but never you go back to your past, choose to move forward. RUTH took the step of FAITH by following her mother in law even when she has no glimpse of what the future holds. Naomi told her to return to her people and unto her gods, she clave to the God of her mother in law and was rewarded for following after God.

There is a reward for following God, no man serve God and get no reward. God brought back what she has lost. She told Naomi that wherever she goes, she will go, her people will be hers and her God will be her God.

Dear WOMAN, make a decision like Ruth to follow after God. Ruth was a woman who steadfastly stood her ground that even Naomi couldn’t change. Don’t be like Orpah who went back to her past (people & god) even after she has tasted the living GOD different from the god of Moab. Do not be a woman whom situations, challenges, circumstances can change her decision from following after God.

Dear WOMAN, strive to have a good relationship with your mother in law, RUTH's good relationship with her mother in law changed her life. Do not be among those wishing the death of their mother in law even before the arrival into the family; remember the law of sowing and reaping.

There are blessings from your mother in law that have the ability to sustain your marriage. This is the WOMAN who carried, breastfed, weaned, cater for the man you married, he grew up with her, there are some codes you need to dial that would help your marriage and you can get it from her.

There are certain things she can give, teach you which would also serve as a manual for you. There are keys she will give to you, how can you get these, if you pray she dies. Ruth relationship with her mother in law opens the door of blessing and favour to her. No matter how evil you think she can be, she will definitely have a key and there is no man God cannot change. There is no knee God cannot bend. 

Dear woman, don’t go back to your gods (past) choose to forever follow God. Her relationship with her mother in law and decision to follow God connected her to Boaz, who married her and she was received as a woman whose linage Jesus was birth.

The woman (Orpah) who went back to her gods was not heard from again, that was where her chapter ended.  A woman that chose to follow God and whom which Christ can be birth through her lineage cannot be forgotten. Her story cannot be forgotten because of her impact. 

Dear woman, can CHRIST come from your lineage? would you choose to pay the sacrifice now so it can come through you that the world can positively feel your impact.?

Do not go back to your people and gods, decide to follow Jesus, where he go, you go, where he lodge you lodge. There's reward attach to serving GOD!

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of RUTH: The woman of Loyalty