DAY 12

The study of RAHAB (Joshua 2 & 6)

She was recorded as a harlot, despite her being recorded to as an harlot, God still used her. No matter your mess, God can still use you as a passage for His message. No man is too spoilt for God to use.

No matter how far you have gone in that messy acts, God can rewrite your story. Your messy\messed life is not a legal ground for you to continue in sin. God can use you, be usable! 

RAHAB allowed herself to be used of God and that one act changed her life and that of her family. When you make your life available for God to use, then your life become useful.

That one act of usefulness saved her and her family from destruction… and RAHAB said to them in verse 9 “I know that the Lord your God hath given you the land, and your terror is fallen upon us, and all the inhabitants of the land fail because of you”

RAHAB experienced salvation by believing in the God of the children of Israel, she believed in her heart and confessed with her mouth (the pathway to salvation), this in turn led to the salvation of all her family members. She was used of God because she believed in the God of Israel, she believed that God can deliver her, she knew God can deliver her even with who she is.

She became a child of God even when she was in a strange land (John 3:16), when you believe in God, trust me, you shall not perish\die and your eternal life is sure.

No matter how bad, messy, rough your life has been, no matter the years you have used in a strange land, once you believe in God, accept Him as your Lord and savior, He is set to change your life, He is set to rewrite your story. 

RAHAB became a child of Israel/RAHAB and her family became children of Israel in Jericho that was the reason they were not destroyed. Which means she became a believer.

She was seen as part of them because she believed in God. This shows how our faith in God can save us from a lot of troubles, can shield us from a lot of challenges and save us from destruction to come. The devil will threaten you but your faith in God will save you.

Yes, you can still be used by GOD, just be available for His usage. There's grace. Your past life should not make you alter the beautiful future God can make through your life. Give Him that messy past and see HIM turn it to a beautiful future.

Dear RAHAB, you can still be used by GOD. Just make yourself available.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The useful vessel: The study of RAHAB