DAY 17

The study of LYDIA (Acts 16)

Acts.16.14 One of those listening was a woman named Lydia, a dealer in purple cloth from the city of Thyatira, who was a WORSHIPER OF GOD. ...  (NIV)

Lydia was a business WOMAN (a seller of purple clothes), she was a business woman and one who WORSHIPPED GOD; she knew God. Her business didn't disrupt her RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.


Don't make your business an excuse for you not to have time for God; if her business didn't separate her from her devotion to God then you have no excuse.

Dear WOMAN, let not your business disrupt your fellowship with the brethren, you stopped attending meetings that can transform and build you up even Sundays are no longer exemption to you "all day na day".

Dear WOMAN, be like LYDIA; her business brought her close to God. If you think your labour will make you rich, just remember that it is the blessing of God that makes one rich (Pro.10:22).

Yes, you need to put effort at work but your business or whatsoever you fo shouldn't pull you away from GOD, rather it should push you nearer to GOD because He has and would give you all you need to prosper in your business.

If the business that God will use to bless you and enrich you is taking you far from HIM, then with what will you be blessed?, With what shall God's increase breath upon?.........if your business will take you away from God, then the business is not a good one.

Whatsoever you do that's taking you far from GOD is DEATH!

Find a balance⚖️

May you not labor in vain, dear WOMAN.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of LYDIA: The Woman in Business