DAY 19

The study of JEZEBEL (1 Kings 16)

Jezebel, the woman who led her husband into idolatry. She worshipped Baal and lured her husband to worship Baal with her. Her husband do enquire of her but the words and advice she do give are outside God because she doesn't even believe in God.

Dear WOMAN, whatsoever you do have effect on your marriage; positive or negative. The bible told us that she stirred up the wickedness of her husband, she was a negative helpmeet for her husband, because she meet the help of her husband carrying out evil.

What kind of WIFE will you be? what kind of sister/woman are you? You will carry whatever attitude or mindset you have now to your matrimonial home.

Do not be another generation of JEZEBEL, whatever you do and lifestyle you have when single have the tendency to become amplified once you become married.

What sort of WIFE are you planning to become? Ahab came back after trying to inherit a man's property in which he has in abundance; yet Jezebel gave an evil advice and she carried it out herself.

What advice will you give to your husband, is it the one that will give the devil room to groom evil in your home?

Will you be a JEZEBEL generation or a HULDAH generation? Will you allow Jezebel pass the baton to you? will you be the kind of WOMAN who supports evil? 

A WOMAN of authority that misused her authority.

Don't be a WOMAN who misuse authority.

Remember, whatsoever actions you take will have it course on your seeds.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of JEZEBEL: The Wicked Queen