The Study of JAEL (Judges 4 and 5)

JAEL, a woman of WISDOM; she is the woman prophet DEBORAH has prophesied about in Judges 4:9. She was the woman whom prophecy was said of her that the Lord would sell Sisera into her hand. This prophecy came to pass because a WOMAN arose into her OFFICE.

Dear WOMAN, until you arise into your office, those prophecies said about you would end as just empty words. Until you arise to bring the prophecies said about you to reality, there's no fulfilment of it.

You might have received so many prophecies concerning your life, glory to God for them, until you arise, to make them happen, you haven't fulfill the purpose of the prophecies.

The enemy of the Lord ran to her for safety, she was wise to know that she can't keep the enemy of God in her abode. Dear WOMAN, do not keep in your abode, the enemies of God.

Sisera requested for water but as a woman of wisdom, she know that a man that ran all the way so long from the battlefield to her tent, do not need water but milk, and she gave him yoghurt/milk which cool him down to sleep. This is the woman that knows and understands that, to win a battle; you need WISDOM!

Even when Sisera told her in verse 20 to lie, she stood on the truth… Dear one, if sinners entice you do not wrong, do not consent. Do not be a woman without wisdom; be a woman who knows that all problems cannot be solved same way.

There is power in a woman! There is power in you, do not be that one who is powerful but has no wisdom, else the table will turn and victory will be given to your opponent. Be a powerful and wise woman, tackle all problems with wise solutions, have the wisdom of God.

At her feet he bowed and he fell.
Through wisdom a woman builds her house. As a warrior woman, as a WEAPON OF WAR, if you are not wise, if you lack wisdom and don’t know how to handle a war, you will become the weapon fashioned against yourself.
What has God said about you? What prophecies have been said about you?, Dear WOMAN, stand up to them!, Go make them a reality. Don't let them remain as a prophecy else they'll die as a prophecy. Wake up to them and pursue them. Don't leave any prophecy unattended to.

Many dreams have died, many prophecies seems prolonged, many revelations are not coming to reality.

Many visions are still hanging because many are just dreaming dreams, receiving revelations, piling visions, receiving prophecies without paying the price of birthing them into reality.

Take ACTION, dear WOMAN!

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of JAEL: The woman with the yoghurt