DAY 16

The study of HULDAH (2 Kings 22, 2 Chronicles 34)

HULDAH,  a PROPHETESS that kings come to, that kings sent men to enquire the mind of God from her.

As a WOMAN, can your husband come to you to know the mind of God through you? can you be that WOMAN who is God's mouthpiece for her husband and home? Can your husband/people/generation be so rest assured that the words that drops from your lips are the exact mind of God? 

Before a person can retain and communicate the mind of God, he/she must be a person of the secret place, are you a WOMAN of the secret place like HULDAH, or you are just a WOMAN who have no hold at home or you're planning not to become one?

The king sent his men to a WOMAN!

Kings only come to the brightness of your rising (Isa.60:3b); you want kings to come to you dear WOMAN, rise and be bright.

Charge yourself so bright that kings will be able to come to you. Don't be satisfied with the light that just bring men alone to you, until kings start coming the prophecy of this word (Isa.60:3b) is not yet fulfilled in you. 

Kings will come when what you have as a gift shines bright; what is your gift and your calling? If you desire kings to come then begin to sharpen the intensity of your brightness. 

Your life is at a very high height of giving glory to God when kings begin to come. The level at which a man's life expresses the full glory of the Lord, is when kings starts coming to the brightness of his/her rising.

God isn't just called the "King of kings" for no reason, when kings begins to come to Him through you, your life proclaims His glorious name.

Dear WOMAN, do not settle until kings starts coming to the brightness of your rising like Huldah.

Your gift  can be represented as a bulb which is lighted up by the entrance of the word of God (Psa.119:130), and when it becomes lighted then kings will come.

Psalm 119.105. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. 

"LAMP and LIGHT" are two different things. God's word is a LAMP, it carries LIGHT. When God's words dwells so richly in you, nothing goes on around you that you're not aware of because you won't be in darkness.

The degree at which the WORD of GOD finds expression in your life is the degree at which your LIGHT will shine. The more WORD that resides in your spirit, the more brighter you become.

Dear WOMAN, don't joke with the word of God.

HULDAH could shine that bright that kings come to her because she carries the WORD from the LORD with a great intensity and men see LIGHT (know the mind of God) through her. Be a WOMAN of GOD'S WORD.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of HULDAH: The woman of wisdom