The study of HANNAH (1sam.1-2)

Dear WOMAN, offer your SAMUEL back to GOD. You requested it from GOD, hand it over back to Him. Whatsoever you request from GOD, give it back to HIM.

Hannah requested Samuel of the Lord, Samuel means “asked of the Lord”. Hannah paid her vows by offering back her Samuel to the Lord; she offered back what God gave her to God. “Honour the lord with all thine substances” Whatever God gives you and you offer back to God, nothing will ever befall it because it is under Gods control and whatever is under Gods control can never go out of control.

The best gift you can give back to God is your life, He gave you LIFE, give it back to HIM.

Marry well, marry the person who believes in the GOD you believe in. who has same knowledge of GOD with you.

When Hannah told Elkanah, her husband that Samuel will be given to GOD, He did not antagonize it because he understood what it means to sacrifice their child to GOD. Marry the one who will never take you out of GODS will.

Imagine when Hannah told her husband and he antagonize it, can you picture what would have happened? Before you marry, look into a man that has the same God value system with you and be the same for Him. There are some value system in God that you will not but do, offering, sacrifice is a system we can find in God, you can’t walk with God without offering or sacrifices.

If you marry a man that doesn’t understand the value system in God, you will find it wrong. Elkanah didn’t go against Hannah offering their child to God because he understood what sacrifices and offerings means to God, He has experience abundances, Hannah understand that giving their child to God will pave way for God in their lives, “and the child, Samuel grew before the lord”.

She went with a sorrowful spirit to the temple but when the word of God came to her through Prophet Eli, her countenance was no more sad, do not be the one God has spoken to, yet have no joy.

Allow your children to grow before the lord, offer them back to God, a child that grows before the lord, grows continually in God’s presence. Your HOME should be a TEMPLE where your children can grow before the LORD, do not give way for your children to grow outside the Lord, Samuel grew before the Lord, which means he grew with God, his life wasn’t the one God couldn’t behold.

He was fed with the knowledge of God. Make sure your child grow before the Lord and the only way they can grow before the Lord is when you offer them back to God. Offer them to God and allow God to do His will with their lives.

For you to enjoy your old age, prepare to offer your child to God so you will not become a parent who has the fear of a child joining cultism in school and performing divers evil.
Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Offer your child to grow before God so he will not depart from God. Training up your child/children in the WAY of the LORD is creating a restful adulthood for yourself.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of HANNAH: The woman of Prayer