DAY 27

The study of EVE (Genesis 2-3)

Genesis 3.6 And when the woman "saw that the tree was good for food," and that it was "pleasant to the eyes," and a tree to be "desired to make one wise," "she took of the fruit thereof," "and did eat," "and gave also unto her husband" with her; "and he did eat".

The above verse is how you know you're under temptation.

When what is against the WILL of GOD is "good to you", "pleasant to your eyes" and "become your desire", be careful WOMAN, you're under temptation.

James 1.14 - But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.

James .1.15 - Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

These are the stages of temptation.

This is the kind of DEATH God was telling EVE and husband they'll encounter when they eat the FRUIT. Being cast out of God's presence is DEATH, because GOD is LIFE and when you're outside life?....that's DEATH, WOMAN, don't be a living-dead.

The total assignment of devil and his agents is to make man live the way he/she wants and not the way God wants.

James .1.16 - Do not err, my beloved "dear WOMAN"

James 1.17 - Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Be sensitive, the devil can even bring you gifts that God wants for you, he can give you before God's time......and that's sin. Every good gifts comes from GOD , the ones from the devil are evil. The wisdom you need not to be deceived is the wisdom of God.

Yes, God created sex for married couples, the devil will make you do it before God's time, if sex is not important in marriage God wouldn't have created it but the instruction is that "let the bed remain undefiled", God's plan is for us to have money, the devil can give it to you before God's time, just to make you step out of God's presence. 

Dear WOMAN, whatsoever the devil wants to give to you is part of God's plan for you, all what he(devil) wants to make you do, is to go against God and step out of God's presence so he can take hold of your life.

You should know the devil wants you to be casted out of God's presence, it is only in God's presence there's fullness of joy, and with joy you shall draw from the well of salvation, so when the devil successfully make you to be a castaway from God's presence, he's automatically depriving you of your benefits in the well of salvation because you can only draw from the well.

Dear WOMAN, do not give room for anyone to talk you out of the WILL OF GOD like the devil did to EVE. God instructed them not to eat of the tree, the devil came and told her to eat from it and stylishly tell her things to sway her, she foolishly believed. Be wise(God kind of wisdom), be sensitive, don't negotiate with the devil/sin.

The devil questioned her to know the mind of God for them, she wasn't sensitive, she answered(Gen 3:2-3)…there are people that'll come into your life to know the mind of God for your life, they might come in disguise to render help, they might be friendly just to have the key to open the door of your life and once you give them a legal ground, forget it, they're in already, to steal, kill and destroy.

Be sensitive WOMAN! Not everyone you discuss God's plan for your life with, the devil doesn't want God's plan to stand, do not assist the devil to take you off God's plan, be sensitive. The devil can appear as angel of light.

After her negotiations with the devil, the devil painted God's words as lies to them, oh no, you'll not die, when God told them they'll die when they eat it, God doesn't want you to be like him, whereas God created them in His image and likeness, he knows when you eat the FRUIT you'll be able to differentiate between good and evil, and you'll become like gods, whereas God called man small gods.

Dear WOMAN, the greatest access you can give to the devil to destroy your life is to hide when you rebel against God. EVE and her husband hid when they heard God's voice, they went to hide when God visited them and this is one of the things the devil is using to destroy lives. The devil might whisper condemning words to you, say NO to it, run back to GOD.

Dear WOMAN, do not hide from God even after you rebel against Him, run to HIM (God) and reconnect with Him, outside God's presence is a dangerous zone.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of EVE: The first of all women