DAY 26

The study of EUNICE (2 Timothy 1-3)

EUNICE, a mother who passed JESUS to her child(Timothy), we could hear of Timothy and the wondrous things he did in the kingdom because there was a WOMAN, who wasn't just a WOMAN but a MOTHER, who showed her child the WAY(Jesus) and made him walk through the WAY.

Dear WOMAN, the greatest gift you can give your child(ren) is the gift of "JESUS", which WAY would you place your children?

What training will you give to them? How are you preparing to train your children? Train up a child in the "WAY" he should go and when he is old, he'll not depart from it.

The WAY is JESUS, JESUS is the WAY, help their feets to be firmly built on the WAY, so, when they grow up, they won't leave the WAY because they've builded capacity to make them stand.

Dear WOMAN, invest in yourself now!!!

What you invest in yourself, is what you'll be able to pass on to your children. For the sake of the generation (children) God would give to you, please invest in yourself, most importantly, the spiritual investment.

You can never successfully parent a child without JESUS. You're saving yourself from cry, trouble and old age wailing, if you train your children in the WAY of the Lord. There's this peace that comes with it.

The Bible referred to Children as God's heritage. So, when you're fortunate to inherit God's property, manage them wisely, children are God's property and GOD is entrusting them in your care.

Dear WOMAN, you have a responsibility to take care of God's property the way He wants. The Way He wants is that you as the parent, should let the children KNOW HIM. If you desire a restful adulthood, train up your child in the WAY.
Dear WOMAN, how wonderful, glorious, peaceful and restful will it be, when God will eventually gift you His properties (children), and even before their arrival, you've already downloaded the template for their lives so you won't mismanage them.

You would know that, even though they were/will be incubated by same womb doesn't mean they have same destiny, so you won't interchange your Isaac for Esau, dear WOMAN, pray o. There's a lot to parenting, it's a ministry on it own. You MUST be successful in this parenting ministry.

How can this be possible if you don't have a relationship with the owner of the property?, How will you get the manual on how to maintain the property?

God is counting on you, Nigeria is counting on you, nations are counting on you, the world is counting on you, to give us children who
would cause havoc to the kingdom of darkness.

We're tired of children not walking on the WAY. You can start this journey as a single WOMAN, start praying for the properties God will give to you, may you not destroy them. Daily invest prayer into their lives, one of the messenger you can send into your future is PRAYER.

I am counting on you, dear WOMAN.

As a MOTHER, if you know you've already mismanaged God's property, go to Him, He's the manufacturer, let him recreate it, there's no hardness of heart God cannot break. There's no man God cannot change, Do not give up on the child, the devil is interested in the child because God has interest in Him, don't give God's property to the devil.

Take the child back to the manufacturer(GOD), invest your prayer.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of EUNICE: The woman of Inspiration