The Study of ESTHER (Esther 2-9)

ESTHER, the woman of wisdom, the QUEEN who caused revival in the kingdom of 127 provinces. The WOMAN who invited her enemy to a feast as a distinguish guest only for him to get there and realize that it was his own funeral.

ESTHER, the woman bible recorded as fair and beautiful yet she was not only beautiful, she added fire+power to her beauty, she's "beauti-fire", she slays fiercely, she spoke a word and her enemy was hung on a tree he invented for her uncle’s death.

Dear WOMAN, you can be beautiful and still carry fire! What's the essence of a beautiful WOMAN who has no power? It is of no use to boast in your figure 8 shape when your shape in the spirit is skeletal. Are you eyelids just decorated by "mascara" and you can’t cause a "massacre" in the kingdom of darkness? 

What's the essence of a "fine girl" without fire?, If fire isn't part of your make-up kit, devil will use your face to make up his realities. If your life is not a pray-ground, the devil will use your life as a play-ground.

If you can't be a WEAPON, you'll become the WEAPON fashioned against yourself!

ESTHER was been beautified with ointment/oil still she has the oil of the spirit........my dear, your beauty is nothing if you don't carry fire and power!

ESTHER, the woman who went through a year purification before she appears before he king, but she always appear before the King of kings daily for a year, powder was on her face, yet power is not absent from her. The woman who oversee her kingdom as a watchman, that nothing in the kingdom is concealed from her face. When Haman stood up with a plan to destroy, kill and perish the people(work of the devil)

She noticed this and stood up to war!

ESTHER, a WOMAN who beckoned on her people to pray and fast with her when she noticed war was about to invade her territory. She was fasting physically but spiritually she was gathering capacity on how she will be feasting on her enemy. The woman that doesn’t only stand tall on high heels, but the tallest on her knees.

It was a law in Shushan that no one dare enters into the king's court without been summoned else the person would be punished by death but here arrived a WOMAN who went against the law and appeared before king Ahaserus without being summoned and such law was not made on her because she has appeared firstly before the King above all kings, who is king Ahaserus to decree a thing when the Lord didn't decree it?

ESTHER, the warrior that needs no physical weapon for a battle for she is the WEAPON! 

Woman, never you be in a position of power and be promoting the works of the flesh. Just because of what God did through Esther, the kingdom of Shushan (a kingdom of 127 provinces) became Jews, which means they became children of God. They enjoyed LIGHT, GLADNESS, JOY and HONOUR. What would you do with your power\position as a Christian?

GOD sees the end from the beginning. He knows what awaits the Jews, so He placed Esther, the queen in a position of authority. God took Joseph to slavery and made him pass through all that to save His people from famine. Woman! You are in that position for a reason.
This is a call for you to arise, dear WOMAN, awake sleeping watchmen, let whatsoever position you be, be an expression of God. Dear WOMAN!. Know that whatsoever position God puts you, it is for a reason. You are there to destroy the works of the devil. 

Dear woman, beauty is not enough!, You can be beautiful, yet fireful and powerful. You can be a president's, governor's, senator's wife and still command revival!

ESTHER was a queen, yet she stayed in the WILL of GOD, no position you occupy should make you go against the WILL of GOD.

Dear WOMAN! Please carry POWER!

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of ESTHER: The woman of patience