DAY 28

The study of DELILAH (Judges 16)

Dear WOMAN, do not be a tool in the hand of the devil to bring down any life or anyone.

Don't be used especially to bring down a man who is a tool in the hand of God. We've seen and heard stories whereby some strange women are used to destroy ministry of a man of God, some are even paid to do it.

Be useful to God, the only reason you are usable to the devil is because you don't make yourself available for God's use.

The devil can't use you if there is no room/legal ground for him to operate.

DELILAH was bribed to bring Samson down. A sling to take down his light. She was the bait that brought a strong man into darkness. The eye is the light of the body... The bible says. Through Delilah, Samson entered into darkness. 

She was a persistent lady, although it was to a negative course. We have people who are persistently channeling their energy to the things of the devil; please channel yours to doing the work of the kingdom, be persistent until you win a soul.

Be persistent saying, until I cause a revival in this School, Family, Area, Street I will not rest. 

As DELILAH was persistent to knowing the secret of Samson, be persistent to know the secret things of the Lord.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of DELILAH: The strange woman