The study of DEBORAH(Judges 4&5)

She was a woman of purpose and she stayed in it.(v4) The bible recognized her as a PROPHETESS (gift), WIFE (service as an helpmeet) and JUDGE (her calling/purpose). Her scepter of being a JUDGE is her GIFT as a PROPHETESS. To every creation, there is a purpose; the main purpose of Christ coming is to destroy the works of the devil.

DEBORAH knew her PURPOSE that helped her to function as a WIFE to Lapidoth and also as a JUDGE to Israel. When Your PURPOSE is not known as a WOMAN, you won’t be able to function as a WIFE, you won’t be able to function in your place of CALLING/PURPOSE and you may not come to the knowledge of your domain and territory (Judges 4v5) (A PROPHETESS, a WIFE and CALLING).

DEBORAH was a good thing (a wife), automatically her HUSBAND obtains favour form the LORD. Knowing your PURPOSE as a WOMAN, will help you to successfully serve as a WIFE because you already know your ASSIGNMENT in the life of your man. If you don’t know what you want to do in a man’s life (you are as good as nothing), you are not functioning because the bible referred to the woman as a help-meet for the man.

Now, imagine when you don’t know the help you ought to meet in the man’s life, what then is your scepter/tool for being a help-meet for a man? You are a WOMAN of PURPOSE like DEBORAH, know your PURPOSE, so you will be able to function in your service as a help-meet. Deborah knew herself as a prophetess; there is a portion of her husband life that needs her GIFT as a PROPHETESS.

DEBORAH is a woman that foresees events so she’ll be prepared for battle, she is the type of woman her husband can boldly tell her “my love, if you will not go with me, I am not going” because he knows the value of his wife, he knows the woman has a mission/purpose in his life. Just like Moses and the Israelites when they told God “if your presence will not go with us, Lord we will not go”.

Won’t you rather be this kind of woman? Dear WOMAN! Know your PURPOSE!

A woman whom her husband would enquire from her before he carry out any plan, a woman as a prophetess who will tell her husband “oh dear don’t invest in this, I see it crash, let’s do this instead”
A woman who lose no battle because she has the wisdom of how the battle will successfully be won to her side. If you don’t know your purpose, you won’t be able to function as a wife, when you don’t know your purpose, you would just or can get marry to just any man, you see marriage as just an ordinary thing and not an extension of Gods kingdom.

Dear WOMAN, don’t just wish, plan or dream to be a WIFE without knowing your purpose first, What is your assignment in the life of the man you want to marry? You can’t know your assignment until you discover your purpose. Gods ultimate agenda for Deborah was that she will be a judge (that her purpose).

She stayed and functioned in her territory/domain. Every human has a domain, the only time your domain can come to reality is when you discover your PURPOSE and function in it. Just like every prince is a king in the making and has a domain in picture, his domain can only come under his authority when he becomes a king; there is no king without a kingdom (domain).

Dear WOMAN!, stand and watch over your kingdom, your domain is the only place you have authority, stand in your authority, and step into your purpose. Deborah’s purpose was to be a judge, when she took up her purpose; her domain/kingdom was established. When you know your gift, you automatically know your purpose.

Your single life is the time to gather momentum to discover your GIFT, before you become a WIFE (get married) and how to function in your PURPOSE. When you know and take charge of your domain, you are giving the devil boundaries and he won’t dare enter into your domain/kingdom because he’ll be judged.
DEBORAH functioned in her domain and nations came to her.

Nations will only come to you in your kingdom because you know your PURPOSE and that is the answer to their questions and a solution to their problem. Deborah didn’t fail as a wife.

The children of Israel enjoyed rest for 40 years just because of a woman! What will people enjoy because of you? What solutions will you bring to people's problem? Which of God's reality will people enjoy because of you?

Don’t be a WOMAN with a good home but not functioning well in her place of calling. Don’t be a woman that has a bad home whereas she is functioning well in her place of calling, both must be balanced because that’s the key to taking charge and authority in your kingdom. You must give the devil no access to your home and your calling.

When you have a good calling without a good home, what then are you teaching? Having a good home without a good calling what then are you representing? The gift upon a woman’s life is to serve in her home as a wife and to serve in her purpose (Gods calling over her life).

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande
"Pen of the ready Writer"

The study of DEBORAH: The woman who is the weapon