DAY 20

The study of ABIGAEL (1 Samuel 25)

The bible recognized Abigael as a WOMAN of good understanding and a beautiful countenance but her husband was evil.

Can we say she married wrongly? well I can't say but, dear WOMAN, your marriage will either "make" or "mar" you.

ABIGAEL defended her home, she was so wise that she came up with strategy to keep her home from bloodshed despite the fact that her husband was evil. She still defended his foolishness to save herself and the family.

A wise WOMAN builds her home and the foolish pulls it down. Nabal (her husband) expressed a high level of foolishness and she expressed a high level of wisdom just to keep her home.

Your husband might be portraying some attitudes that cannot be found in God, yet you need to defend him... even when he takes some unwise actions, don't follow it, if you do, it will land you, your seeds and home in jeopardy.

Choose to be a wise woman........ yesssssssssssssssssssssssss and God will definitely intervene, to make the crooked path of your marriage straight, you need to be wise, you need God kind of wisdom!

There's no broken home God cannot mend, if one is portraying acts that are outside the spirit, oh be the WOMAN who portray FRUITS of the spirit. 

You might have married wrongly, yet you can be a builder of your home. You can do this through wisdom. Nabal was a stingy man and people were in need, he couldn't give out.

Know your purpose before going into any relationship, not to talk of marriage, look before you leap.

May God mend brOKen homes, may love be ignited in your homes, may God cause husbands that are not align with God to bend for Him.

Sandra Oluwadamilola Akinwande 
Pen of the ready Writer

The study of ABIGAIL: The woman who defended her home