Hmm, I want to tell you a story about me and my lover

I was lost, rejected, despised, and forsaken.

It started all with sharing my past with my friends and they couldn't keep it to themselves, my secret became a divulgence and I couldn't fathom the feeling of hurt that I felt. 

My lover promised me heaven on earth, he called me sweet names of all sorts, and he promised me all the good things this life has to offer.

And like Jack and Rose on the Titanic, I felt on top of the world, every moment spent with him felt like the whole world revolved around me. He had a glimpse of my past. Then it all came crumbling down. He hated me. He resented me. this same girl whom he promised everything. My heart shattered into a million pieces, and now I’m left to wander the rest of my days, picking up the pieces of my heart, praying I will have the courage to love again.

So, what now? I have got no one now, no boyfriend, no more friends, no one to turn to, it seems to me like I am the worst human on earth

I cried

I wept

I told myself it is the end

I was naked 

I was cold 

I was hurt

I was wounded

But then I met a man who became my lover

I shared my past with him and he didn't judge me with my deeds.

He turns all my weaknesses into strength

He told me of his unconditional love for me

He told me of a book(bible) where all of his promises are written. How his father sent him has been the only begotten son to come and reconcile me with his father(God).

How he has to come in the form of a man just to  understand me better

He was found guilty of my own sin

He was beaten so that I might not receive beating

He wore a crown of torn so I can become a queen

He was hung on the cross for me and he became cursed because of me.

Oh, what manner of love is this?

He died for me, he rose again and he promised to come back for me. 

My lover is JESUS CHRIST

He was wounded for my transgressions and by his stripes, I am healed


I have found a place

Where I can pour my heart

I have found a place

Where I can be myself

A place where I can have no secret to hide

with my lover, I can be naked and not ashamed

With my lover, I can be open and have no fear

For I found in him a friend that I can trust

I have found a place in his bosom where I can find true love

I have found a place where I can be valued and be priceless 

A place where my mistakes don't become my end and

 where I am not Judged based on my past

In Him, I have found a place where I can renew my strength and not be weak

I have found a place where I can be made whole

A place where I can admit my need for strength and that I am not that perfect after all.

A place where I'm not Judged for being in need because he promised to bless according to his riches in glory

Jesus is my lover and I want to make him happy.

He can be your lover too you know