A lot of brands envy Indomie; because they are a household name. Indomie is a noodle but 90% of Nigerians call Noodles Indomie. In Fact a lot of people call other brands Noodles Indomie. How did Indomie achieve this ?

It's simple. They were first. Yes. They were first. There's no marketing gimmick to it. You may be expecting me to tell you different high level marketing terms and analysis but it's as basic as they were first. 

Of Course they ran adverts, did promotions to make their brand known. But they were first.

If you want to disagree, another example is Ragolis water. Some people still call table water Ragolis till today & Ragolis water doesn't even exist anymore, or maybe they do but who knows? (Ragolis is the first brand to do table water/bottle water in Nigeria). If they still exist and continue to run promotions, a lot of people would have kept calling all table water Ragolis like they call all Noodles Indomie.
Ever wonder why people don't call table water Eva even though Eva is a big brand?! Closest you hear is Eva table water.

Other examples are Maggi (seasoning) & Gala (Sausage Roll).

So sometimes, you just have to be the firstšŸ¤·‍♀️

What other examples are there, feel free to share in the comment

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