Dear BROTHER and a FUTURE HUSBAND, On behalf of the SISTERS, I'm writing this letter to you BROTHER. 

Dear Future Husband, God's plan for us can just be mere dreams and wishes if we don't love God, if God is not first in your life. I want you to love God.

I want you to place much value on God, If you don't place much value and deliberately seek Him (God), how then can you seek me, love me and place value on me?

I want you to love God, only in it, I repeat, only in it, I can be safe and rest assured that my future and that of our unborn kids is secured and safe.

Seek GOD before you come seeking me, FIND GOD before you find me, through that you can successfully call me a WIFE and a GOOD THING and I want you to also LOVE God more than you'll love me better because He'll be the one to teach you to love me, GOD is LOVE, and through your love for Him, you'll definitely love me.

Dear Future Husband, I don't want to come between you and God because if I do, I'm putting our future at risk.

As Christ the head of the church had commanded you to love me as He love the church, I pray you're given the grace to grow into that stature and the realities of Christ becomes real in you and I am helped to be submissive to you as Christ had commanded me to. 

Hey my lord......just be rest assured that I am loving God as his grace is helping me to and I am praying for you as well. 

I love you Dear Future Husband❤️

Hello sisters, hope I've put down your thoughts in written words?

"Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande"
Pen of the ready Writer✍️
"Daughter Of Zion"