Hello SISTER, it's time to write to a BROTHER. 

Dear brother and a Future Husband to a Wife☺️, I trust you are doing well and good and I believe you're living upto what God expected of you?🥰

Dear brother🫣..........You're very much loaded oooo and I know you know that, you're too loaded to marry just anyone🤨. You're a King and I want you to know that you can't allow just anyone into your palace so your throne and crown will not be tampered with, may you not lose your kingship🙇‍♀️

The one you allow into your palace have so much to do with your descendants and who you'll handover to, you can't just toy with your life please🫡, you can't just allow emotions and feelings to dictate who you marry🗣️, the King above all kings (which you're one of the kings) but God is the King, He's very much available to lead and guide you. You just need to allow Him. It is because of you, yes You✌️

You have a great future and you just can't fail your generation🙏. Generations are looking forward to your manifestation and rising, God has entrusted a lot in your care, He has deposited a lot in you that need not to be hidden🙅‍♀️. I know God will help us to work together so that the purpose of marriage can be fulfilled, together we shall chase ten thousands🤭

In whatsoever office God has put me to function, I promise to function effectively in it and God will help me not to fall your hand, I am a virtuous woman, I am a salt-them-gang who add taste to people and you especially because the taste of God in our marriage will draw men to the light of God and trust GOD in us, we'll keep serving them. God will help us and it'll not become sour😊

I want you to keep holding on✊, I'll continually work on myself till you find me so you can confidently refer to me as a GOOD THING and trust me, you're the most favoured man of God😊

In your "finding me", make sure you're ordered by God, make sure His word is a lamp unto your feet so that you can be led rightly to me.......I'll be findable dear Man of God.

"Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande"
Pen of the ready Writer✍️
"Daughter Of Zion"