_Dear BROTHER and a FUTURE HUSBAND, On behalf of the SISTERS, I'm writing this letter to you BROTHER_

Dear Future Husband, all of my life I have prayed and I'm still praying that God would bless me with a husband who would bring me closer to Him and I know and believe you'll never stop being close to God.

There have been many nights where I laid awake praying that God would grant me the patience to wait on His perfect timing when he would bring us together.

I've made mistakes finding myself alternatives which I regretted and it made me understand that waiting on God for everything worth it. He sincerely makes everything beautiful in His time and when it is not His time, the experiences will be ugly and I've chosen to wait on His timing so our meeting can be so beautifulšŸ˜ŠšŸ¤©

I pray for you every single day and I know you're such an amazing Man in God. I'm trying to be the best woman I can be because I know you deserve nothing but the best and as God is helping me, I am becoming the best version of myself.

I have prayed that God would surround you with a multitude of loving family members and friends that would bring you closer to Him, and that He would guide you to me and you'll find me, and I'll occupy till you comes.

If truly l am called, *Wife Material* 
then l must marry a man who is the "Tailor", that can sew my wifely material to become the exact design God had in mind for me and not a quack tailor that'll sew my wifely material into the exact opposite design God wants for me.

I pray for you dear future husband, that God will help you to be a great tailor that will give out the best design of us for God's projects. I know you can and will be a good model to our children because you're God's Will on earth.

I love you endlessly❤️

"Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande"
Pen of the ready Writer✍️
"Daughter Of Zion"