Hello, dear priestly groom🤵‍♂, if the only reason you love and wants to marry a woman is because she has something big on her chest🙆‍♀️ (Manchester United) or because she has something big on her back (Barca)🫣, you're not in love oooooo👩‍🦯

If the reason you love her is the physical qualities, I'm very glad to tell you that you're not in LOVE😕, you're sincerely LOST in LUST and it'll do you good to wake up and set it right before you take a journey to the LOST land🤨

The fact she has a big BREAST doesn't mean she'll give you REST🫤, her ASS is not an ASSET🤪, don't just desire just the physical qualities, take those qualities and liken it with the spiritual qualities. Those physical qualities will definitely change👌

If your babe doesn't know Jesus, abeg bros wetin you gain?🤷‍♀️ If your SLAY QUEEN is not a PRAY QUEEN, tell me wetin be your gain?🤷‍♀️

This is why we keep pressing it into your ears that Spirituality of your partner is very important and it's the criteria that will not be compromised in choosing a partner✍️

You see all those physical aspects is likely to change and what will you do when they changes,🤷‍♀️ will you breakup or file a divorce😏, no you can't. What attracted you to her might later repel you from her😧, what push you to them might later pull you away oooooo because there's always a tendency for physical changes. Brother, dakun shoraaaaa🧏‍♀️

"That she is tall, slim, busty, curvy, fair, dark, beautiful and others is very good but they're not enough". That she gives you goose pimples and butterflies 🦋 in the stomach and other such types of feelings is not enough oooooooo.

 "They must know and understand the dealings of the kingdom"✌️

The one you marry have so much great deal to the fulfillment of your purpose😇 So, marry right oooooo🧏‍♀️🙏

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"Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande"
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