Dear brother and a wonderful to-be groom, you desire to have a Proverb 31 woman, are you building capacity to carry the proverbial woman God is helping her to be?

Unkuuuuuu I know you desire a good wife material, but can you or are you a good tailor that'll sew her good wifely material to the exact design God wants for her? Abi it'll turn out to be what God ordered versus what He got?😎.

You want a virtuous woman, there's need for you to stand in alignment with that and also help her to be the virtuous woman she's created to be.

If you desire a MARY, be ready to be her JOSEPH, if you want a woman as submissive and obedient as RUTH, you also need to prepare yourself to be her BOAZ. If you desire a SARAH, dear groom, please groom yourself to be her ABRAHAM.

You can't be a JUDAS and expect to have JAEL as a wife, you can't desire to have DEBORAH whereas you're a NEBUCHADNEZZAR.

Dear bridegroom, there's a responsibility for you to play in the moral values of your bride. May God help you.

"Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande"
Pen of the ready Writer✍️
"Daughter Of Zion"