"A LETTER from a SISTER to her SISTERS🥰"


 Dear priestly bride🥰, as you have your taste and desires of a man, you desire him to have some specific physical qualities, please transfer that taste to the spirituality too.

As you desire a man who is tall😉, also make sure he's spiritually tall too so as to reach the height God wants🌝, as you desire a man who is short☺️, try as much as possible he'll not fall short of God's glory.

As you pray and desire a man who is rich and can daily gift you gifts🎁, my sister also make sure he's spiritually rich and can daily gift your life through the gifts of the Spirit in him🤓, if he's giving you different fruits🌝, make sure he'll also bless you with the fruits of the Spirit🤗.

As you also desire a man who is slim and shingbole(straight)😂, make sure he won't use that slim body to enter the broad gate o🫣. As well as you desire a chubby chubby man, please try as much as possible he'll be able to enter through the narrow gate🌝🤲.

As you also want a man who is physically endowed, make sure he's also spiritually endowed too. The physical endowment will fade away but the spiritual endowment will stay🥰.

Dear "priestly bride" you're a WOMAN on an assignment and you can't fail because you must not fail the assignment, you're to help and build your "priestly groom".  Your "priestly groom" should say he obtain favour from GOD by finding you his "priestly bride". You're a "good thing", that's why you mustn't marry wrong because if you do, you'll become a "bad thing"🤨

The spirituality of your partner is very important  and is the criteria that will not be compromised in choosing a partner.

You see all those physical aspects ehnnn it is likely to change but na spirituality be fine bobo and fine babe🤗 

"Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande"
Pen of a ready Writer✍️