"A LETTER from a SISTER to her SISTERSšŸ„°"


Dear priestly bridešŸ‘°, have you gotten ANSWERS to the QUESTIONS I asked yesterday?šŸ¤·‍♀️. Do you even know the reason I asked?☺️, I guess you should know but nevertheless, I'll tell you some reasons I asked those QUESTIONS.

You are someone's SARAH, you're a MARY to a JOSEPH, you're an ESTHER to a KING, you're someone's HANNAH, you're a JAEL to someone.

God want you to be a DEBORAH to your husband, the kind of woman that can war with the enemy on the Battlefield, a judge, a prophet, a WOMAN who oversees her territory. A WOMAN who wouldn't allow intruder in her kingdom.

You're a DINAH to someone, a WOMAN full of virtue, well trained and pure. You're to be a MARY to a JOSEPH, the kind of WOMAN who's pure, a WOMAN that got engaged with the Holy Spirit to birth the saviour of generations, a WOMAN who's different from other WOMEN, a WOMAN that understands she's a WOMAN of PURPOSE and must fulfill purpose because generations awaits her manifestation.

You're a Woman like HANNAH who fulfill her vows, you're a worshipper and prayerful, she understood her identity as a WOMAN of GOD that she cannot be barren then she took up challenge to pray to be fruitful. You're WOMAN like SARAH, gentle, patient and supportive.

You're created to be a WOMAN like DORCAS,a believer, a lover of God and His people, a hard-working,selfless and kind, a WOMAN who dedicated  her time to help the poor. You're a WOMAN like RUTH, a submissive,  obedient, hardworking, teachable, humble and a WOMAN loyal to the core.

You're a ABIGAIL to a Man, a WOMAN standing in gap for her family with God's wisdom when everything seem to be down, a WOMAN who believe "All is Well" even when it doesn't look like it. A WOMAN of faith who believe and trust GOD'S words even when things doesn't seems well.

You're a WOMAN of PURPOSE. All these WOMEN officiated in different offices. Dear priestly bridešŸ‘°, you're different, you can't successfully officiate as a SARAH when GOD needs you to officiate as a HANNAH. Know your office as a HELPMEET so you can meet his help in the right office, through that, marriage can be successfully fulfilled in PURPOSE.

"Be the exact kind of woman GOD want YOU to be and stay in YOUR office"

"Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande"
Pen Of The Ready Writer✍️