Dear priestly bride👰, I have few personal assessment QUESTIONS for you and please try to find ANSWERS to them prayerfully and personally.

👉How well are you working on yourself?
👉Have you discovered your purpose, where will you serve in your husband's purpose? 
👉Where will you fit in?
👉Do you know and believe you're an helpmeet? 
👉Where and how do you want to meet his help? 
👉Aside the domestic responsibilities, what other responsibilities are you planning to carry out.
 👉What other responsibilities do you think an helpmeet should serve? 
👉What gap does God want you to serve in the journey?  
👉Why did God want me to marry this man?
👉Why is he giving me to him?
👉Is it just to wash his clothes, or just sweep his room, or just for sex, or just to cohabitate with Him?

No babe, it is far beyond that. You're a WOMAN of PURPOSE.

🥰Please and please personally and revelationally "know your place as an Helpmeet" so you can fit in accurately and that will serve as a guide for you, this isn't about your husband being a pastor or whatever. You're a WOMAN of GOD and your Husband is a MAN of GOD. 

You're not called to serve only domestic responsibilities, your purpose of creation is wide beyond that, you have a great responsibility, you're responsible for so many things God placed in your hands which you must never fail in achieving them. 

Many women, before marriage will think: "... my husband vision is going to be my vision"

Well, you know, as good intended as that sounds, it is not good.

Most women reduce themselves to that point because they don't know God's purpose or calling for them, so they just flow like that. Babe.....You have a great PURPOSE. 

"The point is don't rush into marriage until God gives you answers to your puzzling questions, most especially if you carry a Prophetic destiny, or a Ministerial Calling"

_Those without ministerial assignment, and without a prophetic destiny can just cook up anything and go, but for God's frontiers in Zion, the gate of Hell will definitely pay us more attention at this point_

✌️Know your purpose, Know where you'll serve in marriage, understand you have a great responsibility aside the domestic responsibilities. You're a WIFE, God referred you as a good thing. I'm rooting for you.

We'll continue tomorrow😊

"Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande"
Pen Of The Ready Writer✍️