"A LETTER from a SISTER to her SISTERS🥰"


Dear priestly bride👰‍♀, you were designed as a '"Salt of the earth" but you left your purpose of being a salt to the earth and you joined the "Pepper them gang"

Sis👩......you're not a pepper, you're not assigned to pepper anyone, you've been assigned to add taste to the earth, God created you for a purpose of being a salt, that means adding taste and savour to His creation.

Salt and pepper are both ingredients for cooking but they serve different purposes. Know your purpose, stay in your purpose and serve purpose.

Calm down sister, I know you want to pepper them with the trending wears and phones, you want to be seen as a big girl🙃

I know you want to pepper them with the latest version of designers, those things are good thing really but please don't forget the purpose of your creation, you're created to serve as a salt.

Don't go about peppering anybody whereby your duty is to keep salting them.

Sis, I know you want to be a slay Queen but I want you to know that there's no essence in your slay if you cannot pray, be a "Pray Queen" and not a "Slay Queen", even if you must slay, you slay principalities and powers, you don't slay men.

"I am a salt-them-gang".......what about you sis?

"Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande"
Pen of the ready Writer✍️