"A LETTER from a SISTER to her SISTERS🥰"

DAY 10 (the end)

Dear priestly bride👰‍♀, there's more to you. There' s more to the purpose of your creation. You're created for more. Your existence is for something different. You're different and exceptional☺️

In a world where so many ladies are busy slaying men with pictures, we choose to slay principalities with scriptures.

In a world where so many ladies are boasting with the thousands that are following them on Instagram, we choose to boast with the thousands of signs and wonders that are following us because there's more to us.

In a world where many ladies are looking for likes on Facebook, we choose to make our face a book where the ordinances of heaven are written on, our face will be a book that is liked by Angels and disliked by demons because there's more to us.

They said runs girls are busy locking up men in padlocks, we are women that will lock up our husband in prayers........because there's more to you.

In a world where many ladies are too busy making up their faces, we choose to make up realities, other ladies might be sliming to fashion but we are fasting to function.

We might not have the kind of shape the world like but our spirit carry enough fire to shape the lives of territories and nations because we know and believe we are created for more.

They say a Woman's life end up in the kitchen, even if a woman's life end in the kitchen, we choose to end up our life in the kitchen of the immortals where generations are being cooked for manifestation.

There's more to us, we are created for more, we are not ladies who do surgical operation to have big boobs and butt, we are chosen generation ladies who do surgical operation in the secret place for the healing of the sick.

Know this dear priestly bride👰‍♀, you're created for more, you're not created just to get married and just bare children alone. Believe there's more to your creation❤️

Here comes the end of the journey🌝, this is the end of the LETTER to the OTHER WOMAN. Thank you for your engagements. God bless you🙏

A LETTER to the OTHER MAN starts next week. Brothers get prepared🤸‍♀️

"Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande"
Pen of the ready Writer✍️