"A LETTER from a SISTER to her SISTER"

Helloooooo sis🥰, God's treasure, wonderful Queen, a warrior, a home builder, a Watchman, change agent, beautiful princess, a mother of generation.

Words cannot describe how great you are, letters cannot explain what you carry. You're fully loaded. Have you ever stayed before a mirror and see how beautiful and unique you are? Have you?🤷‍♀️ If you haven't, please try it out😁

Even my writeup cannot quantify and qualify the YOU in YOU. You're wonderfully made, uniquely designed, preciously arranged, graciously joined, beautifully organised, exceptionally equipped, marvelously structured, amazingly built, naturally created and you're completely glorified🥰

You're a Queen in a King's palace😉

 You're unique in your own way. Value yourself. Drop the hurts and past, move on. God's best is not in the past. Do not hold on to your past. 

There's no other YOU but YOU, there's no other version of YOU. 

I love you sis

Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande"
"Pen of the ready Writer ✍️"