"Dear once burning-for-God sisters and brothers"

You remember how you started with God?🥺You can fast and pray, you enjoyed your relationship with God fluently, the network of the flow was very intact🙌

Your eyes were sharp to see the things of the spirit, your ears receive the voice of God accurately, you see results of your prayers without any delay but alas you entered into that relationship☹️ it killed your hunger and thirst, you become extremely spiritually stranded, immorality that you preached against now become the other of the day😕

You started with "it is just a peck" and gradually it moved to kiss and boom to the romancing and finally you defiled the bed😭

When you pray, you feel His presence but now His presence is far from you, you dream about business ideas and Kingdom establishment, you see revelations about burdens that will chase you to the secret place but NOW the devil has turned your own dream to their own advert placement board🙆‍♀️, all you see in your dreams now is a masquerade chasing, you having sex or you or you're been tormented🥹🤦‍♀️

What happened to your reality as a child of God❔ Oh my dear sisters and brothers, where did you miss it?🥺 What has gone wrong? What happened to your prayer altar?🥹 What happened to those times when you accurately tell people the mind of God in your song ministration? What happened to those days of your longing desire for the presence of God?😢

What happened to those days of your alignment with God?🥹..........oh what happened😢 What happened to those times where your voice was a threat to devil and his cohorts, what happened to those days that you frown against things that grieve the Holy Spirit.

What happened😢, how did you get here? Who brought you here? Who and what took you away from the ancient landmark?

You wonder why you couldn't do the spiritual things you do anymore😔
You notice you don't have access to some spiritual packages again, the time you study the word, pray and fast😟 At times you notice you just feel sad😔, it is because the "SPIRITUAL COMFORTER has left you to your PHYSICAL COMFORTER (lover) and the PHYSICAL COMFORTER cannot do the work of the SPIRITUAL COMFORTER"

God loves you, He wants you back and He's calling you. God wants to turn your "mess" into a "message", He wants to turn your "story" into "glory", He's ready to turn your "noise" into a "voice"

Allow Him 🥰 Arise and go to your FATHER like the prodigal son🫂

Hannah Oluwadamilola Akinwande  
The Pen of the ready Writer✍️