The days of the youths are critical days of life, decisions that can have a decisive and visible bearing on the future are made at this period of life.

Let me ask you these following questions.

👉When do people make critical choices or decisions that can either make or Mar them?

👉When do most people enter into critical relationships? 

👉When do most people make choices that can either add to or subtract from the beauty of their lives? 

👉When do people with great dreams make choices that turn their dreams into a mirage.

👉When do people decides on what their future holds? 

👉When do people make decisions that determines their lives?

👉When do people make choices on relationship/marriage that mar their lives?

👉Have you seen or heard some elderly ones that regretted they didn't make some right decisions while they were still youths?

Your youthful stage is the answer to those questions above. The Youthful stage is a stage which Satan and his agents wants a lot, no wonder they caused some youths to be disobedient to their parents, elderly ones and even God,their creator. 

Carelessness at this delicate season of life can be very costly. The Youthful stage is an inescapable reality of life, because it can never be avoided. The devil will offer youths things that can easily ensnare them, he will make them do things that will undo their destinies.

Dear youths, your old age doesn't have to be filled with the flash backs of your youthful follies, recklessness, extravagant living, carelessness and excuses. You don't have to spend the second half of your years with sad reflections and reminiscences of a profligate youths.

Many young people don't know that there's a wicked and relentless enemy that is out there like a roaring lion to make the lives of youths a cry from God's program.

Youthful stage is the season devil goes out hunting for the souls of men to get them do that which is detrimental to their future.

At this youthful stage, people easily jump at devil's bait without a second thought about the repercussion or implications of their actions, the devil knows what youths have delight in, he knows the worldly pleasures that easily gravitate the youths. He knows what easily strikes their fancy.

The devil is on a mission to stop every potentially great youths. Never you give an inch to Satan in your life because the only place the devil can have in your life is the place you give to him and do not be conformed to his tricks.

The devil doesn't have the right to your way of life,only if you don't give him the right of way. It's either for God or against God. It's either you're for God or for the devil.

The youths allow their feelings and emotions rather than the laws of God to dictate their actions.

There are two forces that can have access to a human life, you have the choice to make which you allow into your life and your choice would determine how your adulthood would be like.

*The journey of a restful adulthood begins in the days of thy youth*