Even more crazy when they mock other people ignorance. The annoying part is some go as far as making it a career to make the person feel less human because of one small ignorance o. Do you know how much knowledge the person have on something else that you don't ?!!

There's no common knowledge. The only reason you know what you know is because of privilege and opportunity (or because you intentionally seek the knowledge in rare cases) 

So someone, a Nigerian doesn't know buhari is Nigeria president, let's laugh at him🙄 
The man could have been in coma for 7 years... Okay that's wild but there could be 1001 other reasons why the person doesn't know bubu. 

Or someone doesn't know how to use an elevator, let's laugh at her😑. If I have never had a reason to use an elevator before why do you think I should know how to use it my first time ?! (For the record the first time I used an elevator, it stopped at 2nd floor & I came outside, used the stairs to the last floor🌚 you are free to laugh, this is funny😂)

I saw a video where people mocked a girl who couldn't use water dispenser, it's basic knowledge to you so you laugh at her but do you know what's basic knowledge to others also is where you show your ignorance too ??!

I think the problem is people equate ignorance to foolishness. It's not, just because you are ignorant doesn't make you foolish. 

Why do you think inventions/creations come with manuals? I promise you if a company manufacturing spoon is going to ship to a very remote village, they would include a manual & probably even send a tutor with it.

This is getting too long but the point is stop mocking people that are ignorant, you would be surprised at how ignorant you are to another person "common knowledge". Rather educate the person. Also if you are ignorant don't be afraid to ask for help, chances are some people will laugh at you but they will laugh at you anyways if you do it your way. 

Feel free to share some of your "embarrassing"🙄 first time story in the comments. This is a safe space🌚