Before the Happy New months post with prayers start flying in tomorrow and cause traffic "eah & dia"

Let me use this opportunity to tell you if you want to achieve your 2022 new year resolution, the best time to start the resolution was last month (October). The next best time is Tomorrow. 01 November 2021.

There's no magic that will help you achieve your 2022 goals on 01 January 2022. Habit is not developed overnight, it's built. 

If you start your resolution in October, you are 3 months ahead. We like to be ahead of the curve but when it comes to this new year resolution, issa lie; we must make a wish exactly 12:00AM 01 January 2022. It doesn't work like that!!. I can tell you for a fact.

Same applies for people who wants to pray all the prayers in the world at cross over night, those testifiers with their special "I don't know where to start my thanksgiving from" usually frustrates them because they end up with less time to pray. 

The best cross over night I had was a year we had 7 days prayer before Cross over night. That night we only had like 10mins for prayers at cross over night, people who haven't been praying for the 7 days were complaining there wasn't enough time for prayers, but we that have been praying for 7 days was happily dancing & joyous because we were ahead of the curve. Same principle applies here.  

Start your new year resolution now! You want to break that addiction? you want to set fitness goal ? Financial goal? Take a course, read books or learn something? E.t.c start now! 

You will definitely miss some days & feel like giving up but the good part is you are still in the trial new year resolution😉, before January you would have built enough resilience to keep up. That's the advantage. 

But if you wait for the magic date 01 January 2022, you will start all hyped up, keep it up for few days, if you try, maybe 2 or 3 months, then that's it. New year resolution in the mud😑