I don't know if this is the right title to use for this post because my case study would be how to learn on YouTube but I'm starting with the very basic, you can't learn on YouTube if you can't find what you are looking for rightπŸ€”

Let's dive right in🏊‍♀️

We all know YouTube but you would be surprised a lot of people are still sleeping on YouTube.

There are different reasons to this; some are lazyπŸ˜’, some are actually ignorant, some think it's really stressful e.t.c...

So I want to make your YouTube search simpler for you😊

YouTube is great but when there's a lot of videos you could easily get lost searching for something. And you don't want that, ("especially in this region where data subscription is expensive"). So if you could just go on YouTube and get the right search result easily, it will make you life easier. 

Before I continue, let me say if you can afford to pay someone to learn something, please do so, it will make your journey faster. But if you couldn't afford it, rather than sit around waiting for a miraculous benevolent teacher who is  also busy in his personal life with personal projects, this post is for you.

So I will start with what's call "keyword" 
There's something call keyword. For example if you want to learn Photoshop. Definitely the keyword here is Photoshop. You have to mention Photoshop in the search bar. 
If you type Photoshop in the search bar, its fine, you will get a lot of search results, it's a general keyword. So you have to narrow it down. That's when you include "LEARN PHOTOSHOP". Another way you can search and get a better result is "HOW TO USE PHOTOSHOP" or  "INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOSHOP" your best bet though is "PHOTOSHOP FOR BEGINNERS". Along the line you will see results like "HOW TO LEARN PHOTOSHOP FOR BEGINNERS",  "BASICS /FROM SCRATCH". 

 You will also see "HOW TO LEARN PHOTOSHOP FOR BEGINNERS (BASICS  IN 10mins)".  Loll YouTube 101. I wouldn't say you should run from titles like this, but as a beginner you have to know you need the broadest knowledge possible on a subject you just want to learn, you have to calm down first, avoid shortcut. After you have watch a general overview & practiced for sometimes, you can now watch all the (in 20mins, in 10mins, in 1 sec video you want)

After you have seen a couple of videos with this close enough titles, here's how to know the right one or best one to choose from

For a software like Photoshop. It has pretty much on its interface. Interface is like the desktop screen of the software. Everything you see on the screen when you open the software. 
This means any concrete tutorial on it will not be less than 50min.  But for beginner you should be looking for 2hrs+ video at first. 

After you have seen the videos with 2hrs+, now it's time for the second vibe check.

1. Check the thumbs up.  If the video have 30πŸ‘ & 50πŸ‘Ž definitely it's a no no
30πŸ‘20πŸ‘Ž is a no no,   30πŸ‘3πŸ‘Ž is worth looking into 2kπŸ‘300πŸ‘Ž is a go.  (You have to understand if there's a legit video on how to cure cancer on YouTube, there will always be thumbs down πŸ˜‘)

2. Check the comments, there are nice YouTube users that make sure they leave reviews to warn others not to fall for the same trap unlike some of us that are too busy to do that loll

3. Watch out for the Photoshop  version the tutorial used, if it's a higher version than your own version, for example don't download Ps cc 2021 tutorial when you have Ps 2016. The reason is Ps 2021 has a lot of modified updates, somethings u can just get done with just 1 click in Ps 2021 will require 20clicks in 2016, I'm not even joking πŸ˜‚. Infact some of the features in 2021 don't even exist in 2016. So don't get ahead of yourself, be humble & look for the tutorial of your version, you are not fooling anyone, well technically you are, you🌚

Also CC is quite different from CS. But if it's within same year let's say cc 2017 cs 2017 or Cs 2016.  There's enough similarities for your search to work.

You have to also know that some tutorial video are pretty hard & frustrating to find especially videos for softwares that release updates every year. E.g you could be searching for Ps 2015 tutorial video & you will keep seeing 2019 cc videos. Don't be tempted to download it. Keep searching or you could download ps 2016 video if you see.
Check out the year the video was released. I'm not saying 10years is obsolete but you should priotize how recent it is. 4 or 5 years is ok. Some 10yrs videos are also cool because some knowledge are gold even if they are old. (I literally just came up with this😏) like It's the basic foundation of the old knowledge the new ones build upon. Think of it this way, the book book think & grow rich has been in existence for long, you have to read new money making book that have updated info like social media leverage, but really, both old & new book still work on same wealth creation basics. "You gerrit? If you don't Gerrit....😁

Next step; Download like 3 of this videos 

I usually, Watch everything first

Then watch & PRACTICE

(P.S This knowledge was sitting in my head & has been helping me & I remember a lot of post how no knowledge is too shallow or dumb to share, someone might need it, so this is like a social experiment low-keyπŸ˜„)

Bonus tip : search "The first 20 hours, how to learn anything, Josh kaufman on YouTube" 
This video gave me confidence to learn anything. 

Thank you for coming to my TedxTalk πŸ™