If you keep doing something for 2years+. You will definitely get better at it. It's really that simple. This is the basic and simple life hack for success.

The reason it is hard is IMPATIENCE, CHALLENGES. 
But if you have your vision intact and your conviction is strong, these won't stop you. If you read further you will see how can build conviction.

For example, you want to learn how to play a guitar. You have to know it took all the professional guitarist you admire TIME to become who you can now admire. 

Some spent 10years mastering their skills. 

Here's a learning hack that changed my life. I watched a Tedtalk (you can search it on YouTube- "How to learn anything in 90days" *(if I remember correctly).  

The man said, when you start learning something new, at the beginning you must feel stupid or frustrated. Expect it. But It's this early stage most people lose interest. 

The SOLUTION is to EXPECT that feeling of frustration as you are starting, So when it comes you know it's normal and you continue. 
Take it from someone who has learnt @ least 5 softwares, this works like magic. 

From today, when you see someone who is successful in their career or skills or something, I want you to forget the event/result i.e their current status and focus on the process that got them the result.