Think about it, if we were all immortals life would actually be meaningless.. Yes I said it.

Time is what gives this side of the universe meaning.   You'll say this guy with this Time thing again.

I saw a sci-fi movie recently, LUCY, some of the things in the movie were ridiculous but if you watched closely, couple more actually makes sense. One that stood out for me is when Lucy was explaining life concept. She said, if you play a video of a moving car in a still background, you still see it, but if you continue to fast forward it & increase the fast forward, you get to a point you no longer see the car, you see only the background (I could really relate to this as a video editor). So without time you see nothing.

I have always asked myself this question, what if we had forever to live & the answer I gave myself after several brainstorming overtime is I will probably LEARN A LOT OF THINGS. I will learn every high income skills I could think of, then start learning other fun hobbies 😁

But if I have forever to live, what's stopping me from playing the first 100 years before I start learning blockchain technology when I'm 101 years old😂¿ So you see, TIME actually put everything in perspective.  YOU DON'T NEED FOREVER  & you won't get more than 24hours per day. Treasure the Time you have & make proper use of it.