This is not a tech post neither am I Elon musk 😁
You will soon find out why I used this rocket image, walk with me..

There's a constraint to every human, both young & old, rich or poor, you have life figured or you don't; TIME. 

Time is the constraint. I'm not referring to the common knowledge that we all have limited time here on Earth. My focus is rather different. My focus is more of the opposite. We all have limited time on Earth so we tend to hurry, which is understandable but no matter how fast we move there's need for patience in our journey.

This is where the rocket image comes in. 
The rocket is very fast but you can't get to your destination faster than the rocket. Even without obstacle or distraction, you still need patience. The rocket can't be faster than it is. And even if a newer model is developed, guess what, it would still take TIME for it to get to it's destination even if it takes lesser time.

This apply to our lives. Your vision will take time, you need patience. Just make sure you put in your best & you will get to your destination IN TIME.  It might look slow to you, but you are definitely making progress. 

Also know that different vision requires different time frame. A bigger vision will require more patience/time if you put in the same serious effort as a smaller one.

For example, if you are cooking, when you've added all the ingredients & done everything right, you still have to wait for the gas or whatever you are using to cook to do the cooking. You can't fastforward the process than normal. Even if you can, there's always a WAITING period.

I hope you are encouraged not to give up & keep pushing, don't feel too pressured,  you are making progress & you will get there IN TIMEπŸš€