When I was much younger I remembered that whenever anyone in my family fall sick I will pray to God in my mind that God should please 🙏🙏 heal them from that sickness and then transfer it to me you know why? Because as a child or as a person I hate seeing being sick or having health challenges (poor little me), and anytime I prayed like that God will always answer and then the second day the person will get healed while I take up the illness.
   But when I got know better about the power that lies in our tongue in the book of (proverb 18:22) it says " the tongue has power of life and death". So our word can either speak life, or our words speak death, our tongue can build others up or tear them down. That bible passage really changed my mentality and I begin to pray for their healing instead of asking for the sickness for myself. 

Always speak positive things into your life not that alone, always think positively because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks 
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Love from Dara