Grace is an uncommon favour received from above (God).

When we operate in the grace of God things Begin to fall into place for us. As a believer grace is not made complicated for us but made simple and accessible. The grace of God carries a lot of power which enable us to have victory over our enemies, we just need to be sure if the grace is there for us we can only enjoy the grace of God when we align with God

Now the thing is where our work fail us grace will always succeed us. for grace to work for a man you must give up your own effort and entrust yourself totally to the Lord, by doing that you open up a channel of faith through which God can begin to reveal himself to you.

According to Joyce Meyer "grace is not us doing anything, it is us letting God do things through us". Grace requires us to be absolutely still mentally trusting in the Lord rather than worrying. We can not enjoy the grace of God when we keep on wailing in our ignorance, not calling God while is near, having a bad character, complaining, seeking God only when we need him.    If we want to enjoy the grace from above then we need to have a close relationship with the man above (God).

Love from Dara