I've heard people say "Do what works for you" but I'll say "Do what works for success" because, what works for you may not always birth success

The above statement has limited so many and has deprived them of attaining the heights they have been empowered to climax

Before you adopt any pattern that works for you, ensure it's also a pattern that will birth success or whatsoever result you desire to see

I never knew that I was not a night reader until I graduated from school, all along I thought reading at night was my thing but I got to discover that I read mostly at night because my day was always fixed up. I was not interested in knowing what works for me, I was only interested in doing what will make me standout.

If what works for you is daytime studying and you don't have the time to explore the hours of the day, break out from it and maximize the other hours of the night rather than not achieving your goals. Most atimes what works for you is not real, it's only a mindset/habit that can be changed

If what works for you works for success

Keep at it but if not, do the needful

If what works for you is an act of laziness, indiscipline, inconsistency etc. Seize from it and do what works for success.

Oluwafisayomi Akinboyo