It is good to always protect Facebook account to avoid hacking.

Facebook is a social community to connect with friends and family, you can imagine losing your friend trust when your Facebook account is been hacked and use for scamming purposes, it is definitely not cool.
for this reason you need to secure your Facebook account using this method:

1. Beware of spoofing site.
Some sites will claim to be facebook, where as they are not, for example, I almost fall victim to a website some years ago, the website was having lacebook, you can imagine how trickish it is, there is a difference between lacebook and facebook, little error in website name can lead to the wrong site. so beware of this error.

This can also happen if you are redirected out of facebook, it will request you to enter your password to continue... it is a trap.

always check the address bar of your device when entering your password on facebook.
facebook verified url
facebook verified URL

2. Add extra security to facebook.
Facebook have added extra security layer to protect your facebook account.

follow this method to activate the method called Authentication.

1. Go to Settings and Privacy.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Go to Security and Login.

4. Scroll down and click fingerprint lock.

5. Under Two- factor Authentication, Go to use Two-factor Authentication.

6. Install Google Authenticator on google play store.

7. Follow the instructions given on screen.
Make sure you always back up the given keys for account recovery.

3. Review your account
Go to your facebook profile and look through your information, update any information that is outdated. your mobile number and email is always important on facebook. make sure you update it to the latest information.

4. Protect your devices.
Make sure you always protect your device. The hacker may be someone close to you, Always lock your devices on a regular basis and be security cautious.

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