There's a lot to say about this subject matter but permit me to flow in this direction

I've observed that we exert so much energy into giving explanations to certain things, we try to give people reasons why things are the way they are or why we are where we are. Read again please­čśé

You know God is taking you through certain process(es), though things are not working as envisaged, atimes you feel that God has forgotten about you but then, it's only a PHASE.  

You're pressured on all sides, your folks are ahead of you, everyone sees you as one "unserious fellow" , people begin to loose interest in what attracted them to you, but you know what? GOD is working on your inside out.

At this stage, there's always that urge to make people feel you're doing well, you want them to know you're progressing and you're meeting up with their expectations even if it's far from God's expectations for you... When you get here and even before you do, What you need is FOCUS

When people and their opinions becomes the center of your thoughts, you need to watch it

When you begin to pay attention to what people say, rather than what God is working out in and for you, you need to watch it

When you begin to give unnecessary explanations to those who can't understand it, you need to watch it

When you always have the urge to "shalaye" (complaining), you need to watch it

"They" can't understand because most atimes the workings of God are" foolish" to men and that's because we're myopic and also because He's supreme... If they can't understand how water was turned into wine, they may not be able to comprehend or understand what God is doing in this phase of your life.

Some things are better left unexplained, you can only tell the ones who deserves to know and you're sure they will understand you

You really don't need to stress yourself over some things, divert that energy into something else, something better. Focus on what God is doing, focus on what He's teaching you via the process ( each phase comes with lessons to learn), focus on your assignment, your purpose, mandate and keep at it.

Stay through the process
Learn through the process
Grow through the process
Move away from the noise

Stay focused and let the result do the talking

Oluwafisayomi Akinboyo