You may be wondering, what is so special about this post.

Well, it is special because your phone have a lot of information about you.

Your mobile phone contains alot of information like contacts and personal information.
It is therefore your responsibility to keep it safe.

It is important for you to know when and how to operate your phone.

Operating your mobile phone in public places can result to your mobile phone been snatched and stolen which will compromise your personal information.

You should be mindful of application you install on your mobile phone.
Application is the program that run on your mobile phone for you to use.

This Application can also compromise your device Information if you don't install it from a trusted source.

That is why all mobile devices have a verified app store to keep your mind at rest when installing application to your device. Therefore ensure you install application from a verified app store.
E.g Google play for Android, Apple store for iOS

Another way of protecting your phone is to keep it safe from third party. You may be wondering what this means.
Well, the third party refers to someone that have access to your mobile phone apart from you.

It is important to always lock your device when it is idle.
Never leave your phone unprotected, you must lock your device on a regular basis.

In conclusion: protecting your device is your responsibility. See your mobile phone as a Priority.

Your personal information is important!

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